Master Teacher Information

What is an OERB Master Teacher?

Our Master Teachers are Oklahoma educators that teach our OERB energy curricula to Oklahoma teachers across the state at our Energy Education Workshops.

What does it take to be an OERB Master Teacher?

A love for teaching and a passion for presenting to other educators!

Is being a Master Teacher a full or part time job?

Part time! Our master teachers work a maximum of 12 Saturdays during the fall and spring workshop season and a maximum of 2 week days during the summer workshop season.  *Additional opportunities may be available and are based on your availability.

What is the process to become a Master Teacher?

The first step is to attend an OERB Energy Education Workshop. If you love the curriculum, come back to HomeRoom and fill out an application. Already attended a workshop and know this is the place for you? Fill out and application today!

What applications are you accepting right now?

We are actively accepting applications for our CORE Energy Curriculum (Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts), and our Petro Active curriculum.

*We are not actively accepting applications for our Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel 1,  Fossils to Fuel 2, and/or Rockin’ Ratios curriculum. You are welcome to submit an application and we will hold if a position become available.