Upcoming Energy Education Workshops

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board provides free workshops for Oklahoma teachers. For more information, call 1-800-664-1301, ext. 236 or e-mail teachers@oerb.com.

Summer 2024 workshop registration will open on Monday, April 15th. 

Teachers are welcome to attend up to TWO workshops per school year (July 2024 – May 2025). 

**Please check back for the 2024-2025 fall and spring workshops**

Jul. 18th

7:45a - 4p CT
Bixby Middle School

Jul. 25th

7:45a - 4p CT
Redstone Intermediate

Written by Oklahoma teachers, for Oklahoma teachers

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Learn more about our Energy Education Workshops

Learn more about our Energy Education Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a workshop?

Review our workshop calendar, find a workshop near you, and then click the Register Now button. Fill out the registration form and submit!

Are the workshops really FREE?

Yes! Everything at the workshop is free. We even provide you with a $100 stipend for attending. We do require that you provide a credit card for a $25 deposit. Your card will NOT be charged unless you cancel within 48 hours of the workshop. This fee also applies to participants who have not cancelled their registration and do not attend the workshop.

How will I know if I am registered for a workshop?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the completion of your online registration. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us at 1-800-664-1301 ext. #236 to confirm your registration.

How will I know if a workshop has been canceled?

If a workshop is canceled, you should receive a phone call or e-mail approximately one week prior to the workshop date.
*In the event of severe weather, please tune into your local news stations for workshop closings or call the OERB at 1-800-664-1301 ext. #236.

Is it possible to schedule a workshop for my school or school district?

Yes. Contact the OERB at 1-800-664-1301 ext. #236 or teachers@oerb.com and let us know your school is interested.

Does the OERB replace consumable kit supplies?

Yes. Purchase the replacement curriculum supplies and attach the receipts to your curriculum survey. Return the receipts along with your survey to the OERB after completing the curriculum. You should receive a curriculum survey after attending a workshop and every year thereafter. If you have not received a curriculum survey, please contact us at 1-800-664-1301 ext. #236 or teachers@oerb.com.