Welcome to the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

What does the name Woolaroc stand for?

Our sprawling property located in the Osage Hills is comprised of woods, lakes, and lots of rocks – thus, the inspiration behind our unique name.

How many acres is the property?

Our property is approximately 3700 acres which gives our resident animals a lot of room to sprawl out. Depending on the season and weather – you may see different animals during your visit. Some are shy (tahr goats), but others like to be front and center (our bison!). The nearly 5-mile drive (round-trip) through our property provides a ton of great sights and sounds!

How does your museum expand on the OERB curriculum?

Our oil patch room is located in the bottom level of our expansive museum. In this room you can explore a lease house that oil workers and their families called home in the early 20th century.  You will also see oil wagons, vintage gasoline trucks, an 1895 rope tool rig, working pump jack, and so much more! We are proud of our oil and gas roots and passionate about sharing this history and education with our visitors.

Is it true that you have an airplane hanging from the ceiling?

Yes, it is true! Our founder, Frank Phillips, was a huge supporter of aviation. In 1927, he sponsored the famous “Woolaroc” plane that flew from California to Hawaii and captured first place in the Dole Air Race. Now, it hangs in the museum for the public to enjoy!

How many hours does it take to see all that Woolaroc offers?

There is so much to see at Woolaroc – so please plan on spending at least 2-3 hours on the property to ensure that you have ample time to experience the “magic” of our wonderful property!