Welcome to the Oklahoma Aquarium

What does your museum have to offer?

The Oklahoma Aquarium is home to over 10,000 animals and provides an interactive learning environment for all ages. From touch tanks to speaking infographics, our facility encourages learning about the ocean and other aquatic ecosystems through various sensory experiences.

What age range should attend the museum?

Our aquarium is inviting to students of all ages. There is no age limit on learning!

What makes this museum stand out from the rest?

The Oklahoma Aquarium is an inviting and interactive educational facility for all ages and personalities. From endangered sea turtles to deep sea creatures, our aquarium has animals that can’t be seen anywhere else in Oklahoma. Our interactive touch tanks and exhibits allow our guests to have first-hand learning experiences with all kinds of amazing aquatic wildlife.

How does your museum expand on the OERB curriculum?

The Oklahoma Aquarium is an excellent place for students to learn the OERB curriculum because the majority of Oklahoma’s crude oil comes from fossilized plankton! What better place to learn about Oklahoma’s ancient ocean than at the Oklahoma Aquarium? Students get to learn about the Western Interior Seaway, fossils, and the process of how oil and other fossil fuels are created by the Earth. OERB students also get a chance to touch our fossil bio-artifacts as well as some living fossils in our touch tanks!