Welcome to the Science Museum Oklahoma

The Science Floor is the heart of the museum, with hundreds of activities to teach, entertain and astound our guests. Learn to drive on two wheels in the Segway Park, effortlessly move a 400-pound weight with the Resonant Pendulum, and much more! Maybe you want to get lost in the bustling, 20,000-square-foot city of CurioCity! CurioCity’s eight whimsical neighborhoods expose children to science through a number of interactive activities that encourage learning through play. In Big Game Theory, explore large-scale versions of classic board games of strategy like chess and checkers, design patterns and play with light on SMO’s oversized light peg board, play with potential energy as you line up dominoes, explore engineering with giant stacking and tumbling blocks, get hands-on with physics as you build an enormous catenary arch, and more.

Educators and students can also enjoy the Energy Quest exhibit which takes you across time to learn how many of the products we use today began their journey millions of years ago. You’ll climb through a cave of fluorescing rocks, examine core samples through a microscope, create your own landscape with an augmented reality sandbox and watch the Earth’s transformation over time on an interactive globe.