Welcome to the Discovery Lab

What does your museum have to offer my students? Enriching Student Experience

By selecting the Discovery Lab for your OERB field trip, your students are in for an exceptional adventure. In addition to exploring our eight thoughtfully designed exhibits, they will also actively participate in a museum education class that deeply enriches their learning experience. Moreover, the lab has three High Facilitation Areas, enhancing their visit with added layers of interaction and exploration. The excitement doesn’t stop there – students can explore tape tunnels that offer unique insights into musical waves, showcasing frequency, and tempo variations. They can immerse themselves in the differences that amplitude and wavelength bring to composing a song. Additionally, an exhibit on alternative energy sources serves to inspire visitors to delve into the science behind keeping a flywheel charged, racing a solar roller coaster, and generating power from a wind turbine. This experiential learning journey fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills while engaging with engineering and technology concepts.

How does your museum expand on the OERB curriculum? What age range should attend the museum? Age Range and Customized Learning

The Discovery Lab is dedicated to accommodating a wide spectrum of age groups. Our target audience ranges from 0 years old up to 6th grade, ensuring that learners at various developmental stages encounter engaging and age-appropriate content. Furthermore, our museum education classes, meticulously crafted for kindergarten through 6th grade, seamlessly align with OERB’s “Little Bits” and “Fossils to Fuel” programming. This alignment enhances the educational impact and relevance of your students’ visit, creating an impactful experience. Discovery Lab’s programs are designed in-house, led by museum educators, and employ hands-on activities to engage and educate. All programs are designed to complement Oklahoma Academic Standards and utilize open-ended facilitation techniques. Our museum educators implement 21st-century process skills, including collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Oil and Gas Component of the Museum: Ballapalooza

Recognizing the region’s rich history in oil and gas, the Discovery Lab invites you to embark on an immersive journey into the world of Ballapalooza. This interactive exhibit takes collaboration and systems thinking to new heights. Visitors have the unique opportunity to engage in a diverse range of activities – from setting off a ball derrick to targeting up-high objectives and even creating intricate images using multi-colored balls. Ballapalooza is a high-energy display that skillfully merges traditional mechanisms with modern innovation, shedding light on the intricate workings of the oil and gas industry in a captivating and accessible manner.

Teachers’ Testimonials

Discover firsthand what educators have to say about their experiences at the Discovery Lab:

We appreciated how welcomed you made us feel, and the “extra” science lessons we experienced, I look forward to visiting with my students in the future.

This event was amazing! The staff were so helpful and kind!! The area was clean and ready for us! Thank you!

Our kids love coming to Discovery Lab! They really enjoyed the workshop! We will for sure be back next year!