Request a Free Museum Field Trip

The OERB realizes how enriching hands-on experiences can be for students. That is why we created a field trip program allowing classes to visit museums across the state with petroleum and energy exhibits.

Please read all instructions before scheduling your field trip. 

How to get free museum admittance and transportation reimbursement

  1. Complete the Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel, Fossils to Fuel 2, Petro Active, Rockin’ Ratios or CORE Energy curriculum in your classroom.
  2. Complete the Field Trip Request Form and allow two weeks for processing.
  3. Once your form is processed, you will receive an email from informing you that your request has been approved.  If you do not receive an approval email after two weeks, please contact Teachers@oerb.comYou must receive this email prior to scheduling your field trip or the cost of the field trip will not be covered by the OERB.
  4. After you receive your approval email, you are now ready to schedule your field trip. To schedule your field trip, you are responsible for contacting the museum indicated on your Field Trip form. When you call, you must inform them you are participating in the OERB field trip program. Please note: Museum schedules can fill up quickly. Be sure to plan your OERB lessons accordingly to ensure admittance.
    • If you are not approved by the OERB and / or not scheduled for an OERB specific field trip, we cannot guarantee that we will pay for admission.
  5. After your field trip is complete, fill out the Transportation Reimbursement Form. As a part of the field trip program, the OERB will reimburse your school for transportation costs using the calculation below. Do not have your school invoice the OERB. An invoice will not be paid. The OERB will pay 4 cents ($.04) per mile, per student (formula for reimbursement: # of miles traveled (X) # of students (X) $0.04).

If you are attending the nearest age-appropriate museum and the transportation expenses for your trip will be greater than the formula allows, email prior to taking your trip. Transportation costs exceeding the OERB formula are approved on a case-by-case basis.



  • The OERB will pay for one field trip, per student, per school year. 
  • Students in your class are eligible for the field trip only upon completion of an OERB curriculum. 
  • Educators must be teaching the designated grade level and subject for which the curriculum is intended.


At the museum

  • All museums require an adequate number of sponsors. Please be sure to ask the museum at the time you schedule your trip. The OERB will pay admission for the required number of sponsors. Any additional sponsors will need to pay their own admission.
  • Each museum has either an energy class or energy-based exhibit, which will be included in your field trip as a supplement to the OERB curriculum. These are mandatory for all OERB-sponsored field trips.
  • Many of our museums have a sign, thanking the people of Oklahoma oil and natural gas for funding your field trip. Be sure to take a photo with this sign and upload it to HomeRoom so we can share how much fun you had on your field trip!


I have completed the OERB curriculum and have read the instructions on this page.
I am ready to submit my field trip request.

Apply now

NOTE: Each teacher must complete their own form for their class. Team teaching is no longer permitted.


For questions, please email