OERB Student Board of Directors

Meet our 2023-2024 Student Board of Directors!
Being on the OERB Student Board will be a great tool to have in my tool box for success in my ventures!
Aaron Mauk
Coalgate High School
I hope to gain knowledge about Oklahoma's energy sector and discover more about being a great leader!
Abigail Thomason
Sallisaw High School
I wish to expand my leadership skills and advocate for STEM/energy education!
Anjalina Thomas
Yukon High School
I hope this experience opens more doors for my future and help me become the individual I want to be!
Audra Provaznik
Prague High School
I hope to bridge the gap between the oil & gas industry and environmental conservation community!
Bailey Anderson
Collinsville High School
I hope to improve my leadership abilities and to gain more knowledge about future occupations!
Evan Fry
Owasso High School
I hope to gain the opportunities and support system to serve and give back to my community!
Gracie Vivion
Pryor High School
I hope I can show my peers how I can help the community thrive!
Hannah Corbin
Dewar High School
Growing in knowledge and understanding through this teen board experience is my goal!
Hope Jordan
Cherokee High School
I hope to provide my greatest perspective as an advocate for meaningful change!
Israel Ramos
Guymon High School
I am looking for professional development opportunities with a group of like minded peers!
Jenna Burgess
Welch Senior High School
I hope to share my passion for leadership and communication while learning from others!
Karsyn Worden
Rush Springs High School
I hope to learn about the OERB's impact on my community and add to their impact!
Keegan Lassiter
Mount Saint Mary Catholic High School
I hope to gain both leadership and collaboration skills while meeting many people from diverse backgrounds!
Kyle Nguyen
Edmond Memorial High School
I hope to gain valuable leadership and real-world skills!
Maci Flowers
Tecumseh High School
My generation needs to know how to be a good steward of these Natural Resources!
Olivia Brown
Caney High School
Looking to be the best I can be in every aspect of life, leading by example and by service!
Stella Sage
Oklahoma Christian School
Hoping to gain knowledge about career opportunities in Oklahoma!
Taryn Jech
Hennessey High School
Hoping to expand my leadership abilities to help me excel in not only high school, but as well as my future!
Zoe Spray
Wayne High School

Here is a message from one of our past student board members:

I’ve enjoyed being on this board so much, the attention to detail and the passion that was put into it has been amazing and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone else thinking about doing it to join!

Student Board in ACTION!

I have volunteered for a couple of different things that I used for my volunteer hours. Therefore, all of these things pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do new things. However, I am glad that I did so because I learned many things from each place that I volunteered at. I will attach a pdf of my project log sheet and photos in this email as well.