Transportation Reimbursement

RETURNING TO OLD TRANSPORTATION REIMBURSEMENT FORMULA – After your field trip is complete, fill out the Transportation Reimbursement Form. As a part of the field trip program, the OERB will reimburse your school for transportation costs using the calculation below. Do not have your school invoice the OERB. An invoice will not be paid. The OERB will pay 4 cents ($.04) per mile, per student.

Formula for reimbursement: # of miles traveled (X) # of students (X) .04

 If you are attending the nearest age-appropriate museum and the transportation expenses for your trip will be greater than the formula allows, please email prior to taking your trip. Transportation costs exceeding the OERB formula are approved on a case-by-case basis.

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NOTE: If you are submitting transportation reimbursement for more than one OERB teacher’s field trip, each name must be included on the form.

For questions, please email