Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

Seminole, OK | (405) 382-0950 | Best for: Grades K-5th

The Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum contains 42,000 SF of interactive exhibits, many related to a variety of careers.  Children can role play being a doctor, mechanic, artist, judge, firefighter, architect, and much more. A new 2-story oil exhibit utilizes the talents and help of OERB’s Professor Leo to explain the intricacies of finding oil to the use of petroleum-based products. The lower level is dedicated to what one might find underground to discover oil. The upper level includes a refinery, Christmas tree, and a working mini-pump jack. Test your knowledge of petroleum-based products via a kiosk showing items of everyday use.  Closed Mondays, major holidays and the first two weeks after Labor Day.

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Learn more about them at jasminemoran.com

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