Oklahoma Aquarium

Jenks, OK | (918) 296-3474 | Best for: All Grades

One hundred million years ago, most of Oklahoma was covered by a shallow sea called the Western Interior Seaway, it was home to prehistoric reptiles with huge teeth, crazy looking sharks, and huge bony fish. This shallow ocean was also home to many invertebrates that settled in the soft mud of Oklahoma’s sea floor, producing amazing fossils. Oklahoma’s only ocean now, is the Oklahoma Aquarium! The Aquarium is 80,000 square feet of aquatic adventures, from our resident prehistoric fish still roaming Oklahoma waters, to the largest collection of bull sharks in the world. All ages are welcome to visit and explore what the Oklahoma Aquarium has to offer. Our OERB programming includes, how our ancient marine fossils went from being creatures to crude, interactive exploration for all ages and an entire ocean’s worth of other exciting information!

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Learn more about them at okaquarium.org

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