Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a workshop?
View our workshop schedule and fill out an online registration form.

Are the workshops really FREE?
Yes! Everything at the workshop is free and we even provide a $100 stipend. We just require that you put down a credit card for a $25 deposit. Your card will NOT be charged unless you cancel within 48 hours of the workshop. This fee also applies to participants who have not cancelled their registration and do not attend the workshop.

How will I know if I am registered for a workshop or if a workshop has been canceled?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the completion of your online registration. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us at (405) 601-2172 to confirm your registration. If a workshop is canceled, you should receive a phone call or e-mail approximately one week prior to the workshop date. 
In the event of severe weather, please tune in to your local news stations for workshop closings or call the OERB at 800-664-1301.

Is it possible to schedule a workshop for my school or school district?
Yes. Just contact OERB at

What is the process for the OERB-sponsored museum trip?
After attending a workshop, you will receive a curriculum survey and transportation reimbursement form in the mail. You will receive this packet once a year thereafter in August. Keep the curriculum survey packet until your class has completed the curriculum, then return it to the OERB. After you have returned the curriculum survey, contact the museum you would like to visit directly to schedule your field trip. Once your class has had its field trip, send your transportation reimbursement form to us. We will send a check to your school or school district for the transportation reimbursement. You must send the curriculum survey to us prior to scheduling the field trip.

Does the OERB replace consumable kit supplies?
Yes. Purchase the replacement curriculum supplies and attach the receipts to your curriculum survey. Return the receipts along with your survey to the OERB after completing the curriculum. You should receive a curriculum survey after attending a workshop and every year thereafter. If you have not received a curriculum survey, please contact us at (405) 601-2172 or

I have not attended a workshop. Will the OERB sponsor my class to go on a museum field trip?
No. We can only sponsor field trips for classes being taught by an OERB-trained teacher. Please contact us at (405) 601-2172 or for information, or visit our online workshop calendar for a list of dates or to register.

Where does the OERB sponsor museum field trips?
Please see our complete list of museums under our field trips section.

How much time should I plan for the museum field trip?
A museum trip will take one full school day. The energy class and tour provided at the museum should take approximately 45 minutes.

Whom do I contact for field trip reservations?
You should contact the museum directly. Please see our complete list of museums  with contact information. The museums will accept reservations for OERB-sponsored field trips only after we have received your curriculum evaluation.

Can I get the teacher's guide without attending a workshop?
Unless you are an out-of-state teacher, the teacher's guides are not for sale on an individual basis. 

Can I use the curricula for my special education, advanced education or technology engineering students?
Definitely. Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel, Fossils to Fuel 2, Petro Active, Rockin' Ratios and CORE Energy are hands-on curricula that will captivate and educate both special education and advanced education classes. Additionally, Fossils to Fuel, Fossils to Fuel 2 and Petro Active are excellent for technology engineering students.

How do I sign up for a Petro Pro volunteer to come to my class?
Fill out the online registration form or contact us at (405) 601-2172 or

Is the Petro Pro presentation appropriate for high school students?
Petro Pros give presentations to kindergarten through 12th grade. They provide technical and basic presentations that are tailored to the grade level of each class.

Can I schedule a Petro Pro for a career day?
Yes. Our Petro Pros enjoy going to career fairs and speaking to students who are interested in their profession. We can also team up with state colleges or universities to provide information on career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry.

How can out-of-state teachers get copies of the teachers guides?
Out-of-state teachers can purchase the teacher guides. For more information, call (405) 601-2172 or e-mail

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